It all began with an antique adoring bride and a very patient fiance.

My love of antiques and my hoarding collecting, began long before I was ever engaged. My poor husband-to-be never stood a chance. By the time we met, I had spent years with my Mom rummaging around many an antique store. And so for our wedding, there wasn’t a question in my mind that the day would be infused with antique pieces and the timelessness of all things vintage.

I have to say that while my Mom and I had built a substantial collection of decor and linens over the years,┬ámy engagement did spur on my collecting habits…. I dreamed of our guests dining from mismatched antique plates and sipping tea and coffee from a variety of vintage china with lovely floral patterns. I happily spent most weekends of our engagement picking up the dishes at auctions, antique stores and thrift shops. And so after a lifetime of collecting a treasure trove of antiques and with the most dedicated family and friends I could have ever hoped for my dreams became a reality.

June 25th, 2011. That was our day. And it was a great one.

In the time since my own wedding, I have continued collecting bits and pieces as I stumble upon them. And I have had the pleasure and joy of sharing in the excitement with brides to be, renting out my dishes and decor for their own weddings. To help make their day a great one too. And besides, by renting out my antiques, I can justify my continued antiquing habits….right?

Aside from my antique habits, my time is spent with my siblings running our family farm market and bakery Murphy’s Farm Market. Something I have so much pride in. Daily life includes lots of family, friends, good food, photography, travel (wellll not every day, but one can dream) and there’s always something crafty on the go. And of course antiques… but you already knew that.

J & H

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